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I’m pleased to announce that the interactive lesson plan for ADHD and Me has been launched and is now available for free download! This wonderful teaching aid can be used for hands on group learning.

Suggested usage:

Perfect for a classroom, group, or library setting.

This lesson plan includes:

  • An interactive question and answer session, encouraging free thinking and open discussion.
  • An in depth activity list involving movement and games, to engage the audience.
  • A detailed homework guide.

NOTE: This lesson plan is designed to be used with the book. Don’t have one yet? Get one today!

Free downloadable ADHD AND ME lesson plans for the classroom: grades k-3rd

free downloadable cOLOR PAGES

This image is the legal property of Chelsea DiCicco, and was taken from the book ADHD AND ME. This promotional item is subject to copyright laws, but free to be downloaded and printed, and to used for personal use, shared in the classroom or the library, as long as the image is not being REPRODUCED FOR PROFIT or any other advertising purposes. If you enjoy this coloring page and would like to share a picture on social media, please be sure to tag the author in your credits @chelseasworldofbooks.

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adhd and me color pages – with a dash of color OR BLACK AND WHITE


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