For eight-year-old Malory, who has ADHD, school isn't always an easy place to be. But Malory isn't the only one who has difficult days. Sometimes it's her classmates, teachers, or parents. Malory tries her best to focus, but oftentimes, her mind wanders, leading to trips to the Principal's office and phone calls home.

Malory's art teacher Ms. Julie understand how it feels like to think a little differently from others. Born with Autism, Ms. Julie found comfort and calm through art. Now she uses it to help others to find their safe, creative haven too. In this inspiring neurodiverse story, Malory will discover that with a little bit of love and support from friends, you can do anything and, along the way, learn the power of believing in yourself and embracing your differences.
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ADHD AND ME also has a FREE DOWNLOADABLE LESSON PLAN for educators of grades K-3rd, that corresponds with the story. (Available on my website.) These interactive lesson plans include homework, games, questions, social projects, and much more! These plans were created to help inspire positive emotional stimulation, social engagement, creative thinking, and group as well as individual problem-solving for students, and is designed to be used in a classroom setting. So, what are you waiting for? Download your free lesson plans today!

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Reviews from Readers

The Making of Malory

Behind the story of ADHD AND ME.

ADHD AND ME was a project inspired by personal experience. Growing up with ADHD, I faced many challenges like that of Malory. As I grew over the years, I read many books about ADHD. But, I came across two problems. 1. Most of the books were written for adults, not children. And 2. Most of the books involving ADHD were focused on boys. I wanted to see a book that spoke directly to a child while showcasing ADHD from their perspective. And I wanted it to be told from a girl.

Having the experience and passion for the topic, writing the story was a no brainer. I loved sharing Malory with others. I wanted her to be an inspiration. I wanted her to make kids see themselves and say, “Hey, I feel that way!” “Hey, I think that too!” And more than anything… I wanted them to know that they were just as important, intelligent, and wonderful as everyone else.

It has been my greatest joy hearing positive feedback from readers who express sentiments like, “I teared up, because this exactly describes what my son/daughter goes through.” To know that my story could help someone else to feel seen, understood, accepted, is a priceless feeling that no amount of words can fully express.

I hope you enjoy the story of Malory. And if you do, please share your review! Each review helps another person to discover something new. Every. Voice. Counts. Use yours!


Malory is eight years old and she has ADHD. Throughout the story, she shares her observations of others around her while navigating her own feelings. At the end of the book, there is a learning guide for parents and educators that goes into detail on how to create a healthy support system, boost your child’s self-esteem, open up communication, and provide healthy creative outlets. ADHD and Me also has a FREE coinciding lesson plan designed for ages 5-8, made available for download to educators grades K-3rd grade on my website WWW.CHELSEASWORLDOFBOOKS.COM.

This curriculum includes homework, social experiments, interactive games, and much more! It is designed to help educate and inspire positive emotional stimulation, social engagement, creative thinking, and problem-solving in a classroom setting.

ADHD AND ME read aloud by author, Chelsea Radojcic-DiCicco
ADHD AND ME: CLASSROOM EDITION read aloud by author Chelsea Radojcic-DiCicco