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Neurodiverse Children’s Book Author, Blogger, and Librarian Social Media Manager & Events Outreach Coordinator for Hendersonville Public Library Creator of STEAM Homeschool In the Library and Chelsea’s World of Books Blog Host of Feature Interviews Member of: 12×12, SCBWI Midsouth (Kentucky/Tennessee) Region 2023 Picture Book Party Honorable Mention Get a copy of ADHD AND ME  Download FREEBIES!

“My goal is to write stories that inspire the power of imagination and creativity. Imagination is one of the most innovative and wonderful tools we have. It can be used in all facets of life. Imagination leads to inventiveness… Inventiveness leads to outside-of-the-box thinkers. And outside-of-the-box thinkers make creative problem solvers. But imagination is also useful in other ways. It can lend a hand when we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders by creating a safe haven of escape… a peaceful retreat for the mind to recover, and come back again. Imagination is priceless.”

-Chelsea DiCicco-

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A little about me:

My name is Chelsea DiCicco. I'm a neurodivergent kidlit writer, blogger, and librarian living outside of Nashville, Tennessee. By day, I work as a Social Media Specialist and Events Outreach Coordinator Librarian. Working in a library is not only a joy but benefits my writing by keeping me current on market trends and allows me to see what parents, educators, and children are gravitating toward. It also connects me with local booksellers and schools within my community.

When I'm not shelving, reading, or writing books, I'm hosting monthly Feature Interviews with authors on my blog - and other great book/kidlit things- and actively participating in various kidlit events (Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words, -2023 entry- Spring Fling Contest, -2023 entry- PBPitch, Mindy Alyse Weiss's PBParty -2023 Honorable Mention) and groups (SCBWI, Julie Hedlund's 12x12 Challenge, and Picture Book Society, my fantastic Critique Group.) 


I enjoy writing stories for children. Primarily, my focus is on picture book texts, but I also enjoy writing chapter books, middle grade, and early readers. These are also my favorite genres to read!

For picture books, I write a wide variety of topics that range from SEL, humor, grief, friendship, neurodiverse, nature, informational fiction and occasionally a non-fiction. Having a background in special needs/childcare and in-home private education, many of the stories I write I try to include an authors note and/or educational backmatter at the end, with a few questions/activities/projects that can be utilized by caregivers/parents/educators both at home or in school.

For my chapter books, I often gravitate toward animal mysteries and friendship stories. Something interesting that has a hint of danger, suspense, excitement, but isn't "scary". Think NANCY DREW x MAGIC SCHOOL BUS. 

For my middle grade, I love incorporating "coming of age" and "friendship" themes that also deal with heavier matters. This age bracket (10-12) is one of the most complex because children are going through so many changes. It's nice to have books that help soften that, and make them feel seen, understood, and not alone. 


I currently have one independently published neurodiverse picture book titled, ADHD AND ME, and I'm eager to continue my career exclusively with traditional publication. I am actively querying to find my literary agent match.

Just for fun:

Chelsea (she/her) is a tea drinker, book lover, fort builder, stuffed animal collector, jewelry maker, cinephile, night owl, midnight coffee brewer, ADHD girl, and Hufflepuff. Her favorite past-time is being seven years old and living in Washington State. Her favorite expressions include (but are not limited to) "yippie-kayak-other-buckets," - by Charles Boyle, from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and "stay fresh cheese bags."  When she's not shelving or recommending books as a Librarian, she's usually home, reading or writing her own.

Chelsea is a big fan of sunshine, hammocks and blankets and loves being near the water. She's also an animal enthusiast. Although she loves all animals, foxes and bats are her favorites. Fun fact: she has a sloth backpack (affectionately known as 'Seth the Sloth') that she wears pretty much everywhere. She also has a yard sale duck (another bag) that she brings with her for emergency yard sale situations. And she's determined to become a good gardener, even if it kills her. Recently, she grew an avocado from the pit. His name is Lars, and so far, he's thriving. 

Growing up her two heroes were Jane Goodall and Steve Irwin. As for fictional heroes, Ms. Frizzle and Mr. Ratburn were neck-to-neck. When she wasn't climbing through the "jungles" of her backyard (aka, her mom's garden) filming pretend nature documentaries with her best imitation Australian accent, - CRIKEY! - she was usually lost somewhere in a daydream with Jack and Annie and their beloved Magic Treehouse or dreaming up new characters of her own. 

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