The Recess Genius 1: Open for Business

The Recess Genius ( book 1): Open for Business is a picture book written by Janet Sumner Johnson and illustrated by Stacy Ebert, designed for ages 4-7.  Published March 14, 2023, by Pixel & Ink.


A clever, endearing tale that book lovers, young and old, will love.

Regina Grey is a bookworm with no outstanding specialties. She’s not particularly “great” at any of the subjects taught at school. Until… she solves a fellow student’s problem with ease. Rumors fill the playground of Regina’s newfound talent, and before she knows it, she’s dubbed the recess genius. But problem-solving can take a lot of time… time that Regina desperately wants to use for reading. Will Regina be able to solve her own problem and get back to what she’s most passionate about- books?

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