ADHD and Me

ADHD AND ME was written and published independently by Chelsea DiCicco. Artwork commissioned by Leonie Cheetham. Want to learn more about the artist and creator OR listen to a FREE audio version of the story? Click HERE!


A neurodiverse story about embracing your differences.

For eight-year-old Malory, who has ADHD, school isn’t always an easy place to be. But Malory isn’t the only one who has difficult days. Sometimes, it’s her classmates, teachers, or parents. Malory tries her best to focus, but oftentimes, her mind wanders, leading to trips to the Principal’s office and phone calls home.

Malory’s art teacher, Ms. Julie, understands how it feels to think a little differently from others. Born with Autism, Ms. Julie found comfort and calm through art. Now, she uses it to help others find their safe, creative haven, too. In this inspiring neurodiverse story, Malory will discover that with a little bit of love and support from friends, you can do anything and, along the way, learn the power of believing in yourself and embracing your differences.

BISAC Categories: Disabilities & Special Needs

Health & Daily Living – Mental Health, Neurodiversity


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