I really enjoyed this book! This book is a jewel! The illustrations, the content, the prose. All beautiful. The content is so spot on that really touched my heart. It was like reading my own experiences as a child. How it was hard to concentrate at school, how I kept getting in trouble… 🙂 I could relate so much to it! A very good representation of ADHD. I especially loved…

That Autism was included too.
How the art teacher used her own experience with autism to help Malory, which has three messages… (1) You can pursue your dreams and be whatever you want a teacher in this case you can relate to others and help them and (3) art is a wonderful tool to relate and connect!

All the positive messages “autism is a gift”, “you’ll help someone else”, and “you are beautiful and loved.”

The author note at the end about how it is to grow up with ADHD.
The illustrations are so beautiful and whimsical, and they do a great job showing all the emotions of living with ADHD. From when Mallory was sad for getting in trouble at school to the happy ending when she is happy because she feels understood by her art teacher and family.

I really recommend this book if you want to understand ADHD!